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  1. a light, open carriage, usually with a hood, especially a one-horse, two-wheeled carriage for two people; shay.

  1. a chaise longue, especially a light one used out of doors.

  2. Also called chaise d'or [sheyz dawr]. /ʃeɪz ˈdɔr/. Numismatics.

    • a gold coin of France, first issued in the early 14th century, which bears a figure of the king seated on a large throne.

    • an Anglo-Gallic copy of this coin, issued by Edward III.

Origin of chaise

First recorded in 1695–1705; from French, variant of chaire “chair”; see origin at chair

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How to use chaise in a sentence

  • The first interment in the cemetery of Pere la chaise; it was laid out and prepared by order of Bonaparte.

  • I shall have to drive past Old Place in fathers chaise with one horse, and I hate to drive with one horse!

    Tessa Wadsworth's Discipline | Jennie M. Drinkwater
  • When I was first acting as post-boy my chaise got overturned, but on the whole I have been pretty fortunate.

  • As Dr. Sitgreaves supported her from the chaise, she turned an expressive look at the face of the practitioner.

    The Spy | J. Fenimore Cooper
  • I only want formally to report myself before taking post-chaise to London.

    A Roving Commission | G. A. Henty

British Dictionary definitions for chaise


/ (ʃeɪz) /

  1. a light open horse-drawn carriage, esp one with two wheels designed for two passengers

  1. a gold coin first issued in France in the 14th century, depicting the king seated on a throne

Origin of chaise

C18: from French, variant of Old French chaiere chair

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