[ kuh-ley-zee-uhn ]
/ kəˈleɪ zi ən /
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noun, plural cha·la·zi·a [kuh-ley-zee-uh]. /kəˈleɪ zi ə/.
Ophthalmology. sty2.


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Origin of chalazion

1700–10; <Greek, diminutive of chálaza;see chalaza
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What does chalazion mean?

A chalazion is a small bump that forms on the eyelid when a gland on the eyelid gets clogged.

A chalazion can also be called sty (or stye), a meibomian cyst, or a hordeolum. The plural of chalazion is chalazia. Even though they occur on the eyelids and not the eye, chalazia are typically diagnosed and treated by ophthalmologists (eye doctors).

Example: That bump on your eyelid might be a chalazion—you should get it checked out.

Where does chalazion come from?

Chalazion is derived from the Greek word chálaza, meaning “hailstone” or “lump.” It is first recorded in English in the early 1700s.

Most people learn the term chalazion when they google “what is this bump on my eye.” Then they find out that it’s caused by chronic inflammation of a meibomian gland on the eyelid (which is why it’s sometimes called a meibomian cyst). Although chalazion and sty are sometimes used interchangeably, they can also be used to refer to different conditions. Sty often refers to a bump that forms from an infected eyelash root and is very painful, while chalazion refers to a lump that forms on the eyelid behind the eyelashes and is not usually painful.

People who have other inflammatory skin conditions (such as acne or rosacea) are more likely to get chalazia, but they can also occur when glands on the eyelids get clogged with makeup or from wearing contact lenses. Chalazia can last for weeks if not treated properly.

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What are some other forms of chalazion?

  • chalazia (plural)

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How is chalazion used in real life?

Most people have heard of the word sty. But chalazion is more specific and less common, so it usually only comes up if someone gets one on their eyelid.



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The doctor said the chalazion may have formed on my eyeball because of excess makeup that hadn’t been washed off my eyelid.

British Dictionary definitions for chalazion

/ (kəˈleɪzɪən) /

a small cyst on the eyelid resulting from chronic inflammation of a meibomian glandAlso called: meibomian cyst

Word Origin for chalazion

C18: from Greek: a small chalaza
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