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  1. the carbonaceous material obtained by heating wood or other organic substances in the absence of air.
  2. a drawing pencil of charcoal.
  3. a drawing made with charcoal.
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verb (used with object)
  1. to blacken, write, or draw with charcoal.
  2. to cook (food) over charcoal, especially on a grill.
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verb (used without object)
  1. to cook food over charcoal, especially on a grill.
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Origin of charcoal

1300–50; Middle English charcole, perhaps cherre char3 + cole coal, though literal sense of the compound is unclear
Related formschar·coal·y, adjective
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soot, graphite, grill, broil, sear, jet, slate, onyx, coal, sable, pitch, brunet, ebony, clouded, charcoal, sloe, obsidian, raven, jetty, powder

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  1. a black amorphous form of carbon made by heating wood or other organic matter in the absence of air: used as a fuel, in smelting metal ores, in explosives, and as an absorbentSee activated carbon
  2. a stick or pencil of this for drawing
  3. a drawing done in charcoal
  4. short for charcoal grey
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  1. (tr) to write, draw, or blacken with charcoal
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Word Origin for charcoal

C14: from char (origin obscure) + coal
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Word Origin and History for charcoal


mid-14c., charcole, first element is either Old French charbon "charcoal," or, on the current theory, obsolete charren "to turn" (from Old English cerran) + cole "coal," thus, "to turn to coal."

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charcoal in Medicine


  1. Carbon obtained by heating or burning organic material with restricted access of air.
  2. Activated charcoal.
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charcoal in Science


  1. A black porous form of carbon produced by heating wood or bone in little or no air. Charcoal is used as a fuel, for drawing, and in air and water filters.
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