or charge·off

[ chahrj-awf, -of ]
/ ˈtʃɑrdʒˌɔf, -ˌɒf /


a write-off, especially of a bad loan by a bank.

Origin of charge-off

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Origin of charge

1175–1225; 1950–55 for def 39; (v.) Middle English chargen < Anglo-French, Old French charg(i)er < Late Latin carricāre to load a wagon, equivalent to carr(us) wagon (see car1) + -icā- v. suffix. + -re infinitive ending; (noun) Middle English < Anglo-French, Old French, noun derivative of the v.
27 See price.
30 onslaught, assault.
32 commission, trust.
33 management.
37 indictment, imputation, allegation.
44 cargo, freight.
Related formscharge·less, adjectiveself-charg·ing, adjective
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/ (tʃɑːdʒ) /



Word Origin for charge

C13: from Old French chargier to load, from Late Latin carricāre; see carry
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Science definitions for charge off


[ chärj ]

A fundamental property of the elementary particles of which matter is made that gives rise to attractive and repulsive forces. There are two kinds of charge: color charge and electric charge. See more at color charge electric charge.
The amount of electric charge contained in an object, particle, or region of space.
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charge off


Hurriedly depart, run away, as in After a few minutes, she charged off to the next exhibit. This term alludes to the military meaning of charge, “attack impetuously.” [Early 1500s]


Also, charge against. Consider or count as an accounting loss or expense, as in I'm charging off this purchase to overhead, or Let's charge the new computer against office supplies. [Late 1800s] Also see write off.


Attribute to, blame something for, as in We can charge off these errors to inexperience.

Idioms and Phrases with charge off (2 of 2)


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