[ cheep-skeyt ]
/ ˈtʃipˌskeɪt /
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Definition of cheapskate

a person who is stingy and miserly.
verb (used without object), cheap·skat·ed, cheap·skat·ing.
to act in a stingy or miserly way.
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Origin of cheapskate

An Americanism dating back to 1895–1900; cheap + skate3

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What does cheapskate mean?

A cheapskate is a person who doesn’t like to give or spend money—someone who’s stingy.

Cheapskate is a very informal word that’s always used in a negative way, as an insult.

Example: Some cheapskate left me a quarter and two pennies as a tip today.

Where does cheapskate come from?

The first records of cheapskate come from the 1890s. It’s a combination of the word cheap, meaning “stingy,” and the word skate, which can be used as a negative slang term for a person who’s generally disliked.

Cheapskates are not good tippers. And don’t expect them to spend much on a gift—if they buy you one at all! Cheapskates typically avoid spending money however they can. While some similar terms like penny pincher can be used in a positive way (implying that someone is wisely frugal) or a negative way (implying that someone is stingy), cheapskate is always used negatively. It’s an insult very similar to words like tightwad and skinflint.

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How is cheapskate used in real life?

Cheapskate is always used negatively, but some people apply it to themselves as a source of pride.


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Which of the following words is LEAST likely to be used to describe someone considered a cheapskate?

A. generous
B. stingy
C. tight-fisted
D. miserly

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British Dictionary definitions for cheapskate

/ (ˈtʃiːpˌskeɪt) /

informal a miserly person
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cheap skate

A stingy person, as in He's a real cheap skate when it comes to tipping. This idiom combines cheap (for “penurious”) with the slang usage of skate for a contemptible or low individual. It has largely replaced the earlier cheap John. [Slang; late 1800s]

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