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[ chahyld-hood ]


  1. the state or period of being a child.

    Synonyms: girlhood, boyhood, youth

  2. the early stage in the existence of something:

    the childhood of the human race.


/ ˈtʃaɪldhʊd /


  1. the condition of being a child; the period of life before puberty

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Other Words From

  • pre·childhood noun

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Word History and Origins

Origin of childhood1

before 950; Middle English childhode, Old English cildhād. See child, -hood

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Example Sentences

Children play an active part in shaping their social worlds, likely explaining in large part why these particular childhood temperaments were so closely aligned with later personality, the authors suggest.

The reasons are when girls stay home they often become victim to childhood marriages.

From Fortune

Despite haunting memories of a childhood visit to the boardwalk, Adelaide reluctantly takes her family on a Santa Cruz beach vacation.

In 2018, competitor Lynn Munro brought oatmeal she milled herself and cooked it with water she harvested from the loch at her childhood home.

From Eater

Working with child psychologists and childhood development researchers, he wrote the book Design for Play in 1969.

My dad was a sailor, and all through my childhood he was away half of the time at sea, and to an extent I have a similar job.

But that was probably the least unique thing about her childhood.

And the actor says his childhood experience plays a critical role in his performance.

My parents are building a mausoleum for themselves in my childhood home.

Colfer's artistic callings share a common thread: they are deeply personal and rooted in a challenging childhood.

It is the dramatic impulse of childhood endeavouring to bring life into the dulness of the serious hours.

He sympathized with that movement which, during his childhood, culminated in the Cavite Conspiracy (vide p. 106).

The menace of a thunder-cloud approached as in his childhood's dream; disaster lurked behind the quiet outer show.

When I am an old maid I am going to mount the platform and preach the training of the voice in childhood.

Except, therefore, for an interval of about three years my childhood and youth were spent at Derby.





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