[ chil-ee ]
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adjective,chill·i·er, chill·i·est.
  1. mildly cold or producing a sensation of cold; causing shivering; chill: a chilly breeze.

  2. feeling cold; sensitive to cold: Her hands were chilly.

  1. without warmth of feeling; cool: a chilly reply.

  2. producing or likely to produce a feeling of fear; frightening: He told a chilly story of ghosts and murder.

  1. Also chill·i·ly [chil-i-lee] /ˈtʃɪl ɪ li/ . in a mildly cold manner: The wind blew chilly.

Origin of chilly

First recorded in 1560–70; chill + -y1

synonym study For chilly

1. See cold.

Other words from chilly

  • chill·i·ness, noun

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How to use chilly in a sentence

  • Those talks are likely to be much chillier follow the Russian annexation.

  • The nights grew chillier and the suns moved faster and faster to the south.

    Space Prison | Tom Godwin
  • At high noon on the equator, the temperature reached a sweltering 180° absolute; it became somewhat chillier toward the poles.

    Unwise Child | Gordon Randall Garrett
  • "Of course I will back you up in every way," said Mr. Emmett, who felt chillier at this moment than at any time during the night.

    The Pillar of Light | Louis Tracy
  • It was Christmas Eve, and the night being in a reminiscent mood, was chillier than usual.

  • Every minute the room grew darker and chillier, every minute the silence grew more and more oppressive.

    Rutledge | Miriam Coles Harris

British Dictionary definitions for chilly


/ (ˈtʃɪlɪ) /

adjective-lier or -liest
  1. causing or feeling cool or moderately cold

  2. without warmth; unfriendly

  1. (of people) sensitive to cold

Derived forms of chilly

  • chilliness, noun

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