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[ hey-trid ]


  1. the feeling of one who hates; intense dislike or extreme aversion or hostility.

    Synonyms: abomination, loathing, detestation, animosity

    Antonyms: love, attraction


/ ˈheɪtrɪd /


  1. a feeling of intense dislike; enmity

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Other Words From

  • pre·hatred noun
  • self-hatred noun

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Word History and Origins

Origin of hatred1

First recorded in 1125–75; Middle English; hate + -red

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Example Sentences

Through a hatred of formal schooling, my parents and I failed for many years to understand that what I really needed to succeed was being allowed to find my passion.

Political parties and politicians can no longer seek to leverage their resentment and hatreds for their own political gain.

From Time

Each organized around a loose cluster of themes—money and its New York handmaiden real estate, Lebowitz’s love of smoking and hatred of wellness culture—the episodes resemble chapters of her books.

From Time

LGBTQ supportive prosecutors have said the clarification was needed because it is often difficult to prove that hatred is the only motive behind a violent crime.

Instead, the one thing that unites the right and drives the GOP is hatred of liberals.

Hatred for international media is intense but not, it seems, universal.

“Hatred of health-care reform is what gives all segments [of the party] purpose,” the survey found.

A Convenient Hatred: The History of Antisemitism An unparalleled education on discrimination against Jews.

A Convenient Hatred tells the long history of anti-Semitism, from ancient Egypt to the 21st-century Vatican.

Hatred for a religion is not something you acquire quickly, not even over nine years.

Hatred burned in his eyes at the memory, like some fire that had been banked but had never died.

These pictures are very rare, Time and Hatred have hidden them but too well.

Hatred of Russia and religious fanaticism inspired the Turks with something of the old love of battle and lust of conquest.

Hatred means nothing, in temptation or response, to a heart overflowing with love.

Hatred is a vice of narrow souls; they feed it with all their meanness, and make it a pretext for sordid tyranny.


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