choux pastry

[ shoo-pey-stree ]
/ ˈʃu ˌpeɪ stri /
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a cooked paste or light dough containing eggs, water or milk, butter, and flour that puffs up when baked into a nearly hollow shell, used to make éclairs, profiteroles, cream puffs, and other filled pastries.



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Also choux paste [shoo-peyst] /ˈʃu ˌpeɪst/ .
Also called pâte à choux, pate a choux [pah ta -shoo]; /pɑ ta ˈʃu/; cream puff pas·try [kreem-puhf pey-stree], /ˈkrim ˌpʌf ˌpeɪ stri/, cream puff paste [peyst] /ˌpeɪst/ .

Origin of choux pastry

First recorded in 1875–80; from French choux, plural of chou “cream puff,” literally, “cabbage” (so called from the resemblance to little cabbages when the pastries come out of the oven). The variant pâte à choux entered English earlier, around 1845–50 ; cream puff pastry was first recorded in 1950–55; see origin at chou, pâte
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British Dictionary definitions for choux pastry

choux pastry
/ (ʃuː) /


a very light pastry made with eggs, used for eclairs, etc
partial translation of French pâte choux cabbage dough (from its round shape)
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