[ peyt ]
/ peɪt /


the crown or top of the head.
the head.
the brain.


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Origin of pate

1275–1325; Middle English, < ?

Can be confusedpaddy pate pâte pâté


[ paht ]
/ pɑt /


porcelain paste used in ceramic work.

Origin of pâte

From French, dating back to 1860–65; see origin at paste

Can be confusedpaddy pate pâte pâté


[ pah-tey, pa‐; French pah-tey, pa‐ ]
/ pɑˈteɪ, pæ‐; French pɑˈteɪ, pæ‐ /

noun, plural pâ·tés [pah-teyz, pa‐; French pah-tey] /pɑˈteɪz, pæ‐; French pɑˈteɪ/,

French Cookery. a paste or spread made of puréed or finely chopped liver, meat, fish, game, etc., served as an hors d'oeuvre.

Origin of pâté

From French, dating back to 1695–1705; see origin at paste, -ee

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British Dictionary definitions for pate


/ (peɪt) /


the head, esp with reference to baldness or (in facetious use) intelligence

Word Origin for pate

C14: of unknown origin


/ (ˈpæteɪ, French pɑte) /


a spread of very finely minced liver, poultry, etc, served usually as an hors d'oeuvre
a savoury pie of meat or fish

Word Origin for pâté

from French: paste 1

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