/ (ˈkrɪsməsɪ) /
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of, relating to, or suitable for Christmas
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What does Christmassy mean?

Christmassy is an informal adjective to describe things involving Christmas, especially ones that make you get into the spirit of Christmas.

It is also spelled Christmasy.

By those who celebrate it, Christmas is often seen as a magical time that’s associated with a sense of hope and wonder and a feeling of festiveness. This is often what people are expressing when they describe something as Christmassy or say that they are feeling Christmassy.

The word is often used to describe places that have been decorated for Christmas, such as with a Christmas tree, Christmas lights, or colors associated with the holiday, such as red, green, silver, and gold, as in Wow, it looks so Christmassy in here with all the wreaths and garlands!

Due to the association of Christmas with winter weather, a Christmassy scene might also be one that’s covered in snow.

Example: I started feeling Christmassy, so I baked some Christmas cookies, and now it smells so Christmassy in here!

Where does Christmassy come from?

The first records of the word Christmassy come from the 1800s. The suffix -y is used to form adjectives from nouns. This is very common, but sometimes it results in words that sound very informal, and Christmassy is a prime example.

To say that someone is feeling Christmassy usually means that they are feeling the festiveness that’s associated with the Christmas season—that they are in the Christmas spirit. To say that someone is not being very Christmassy often means that they are being the opposite of generous or joyful—it may even mean that they’re being a scrooge or a grinch.

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What are some other forms related to Christmassy?

  • Christmasy (alternate spelling)

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How is Christmassy used in real life?

Christmassy is very informal. It’s almost always used positively.



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With the snow and the lights and smoke coming out of the chimneys, it was such a cozy, Christmassy scene.

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