[ si-key-duh, -kah- ]
/ sɪˈkeɪ də, -ˈkɑ- /

noun, plural ci·ca·das, ci·ca·dae [si-key-dee, -kah-] /sɪˈkeɪ di, -ˈkɑ-/.

any large homopterous insect of the family Cicadidae, the male of which produces a shrill sound by means of vibrating membranes on the underside of the abdomen.

Origin of cicada

1350–1400; Middle English < Latin cicāda Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019

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/ (sɪˈkɑːdə) /

noun plural -das, -dae (-diː), -las or -le (-leɪ)

any large broad insect of the homopterous family Cicadidae, most common in warm regions. Cicadas have membranous wings and the males produce a high-pitched drone by vibration of a pair of drumlike abdominal organs

Word Origin for cicada

C19: from Latin
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