/ (sɪl) /

  1. British a variant spelling (used in the building industry) for sill (def. 1), sill (def. 2), sill (def. 3), sill (def. 4)

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How to use cill in a sentence

  • There is never a year from that to this that there does not be a meeting in cill Chuimin, for that is the place where the well is.

  • Ataid na Psalma taitneamhach, tarbhach: beag nach mion-fhlaitheas ln dainglibh, cill fhonnmhar le ceol naomhtha.

    Elements of Gaelic Grammar | Alexander Stewart
  • Two years after they received another disastrous defeat at cill-Mosanhog, near Rathfarnham.

  • For it is said that after he founded this church, he crossed the river and came to cill Cluana, and built a church there also.

  • And Lairgnen sent messengers after her to bring her back, and they did not overtake her till she was at cill Dun.

    Gods and Fighting Men | Lady I. A. Gregory