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[ sin-uh-mat-ik ]


  1. having to do with movies, as either an industry or an art form:

    The book explores Andy Warhol's cinematic work, focusing on ten films in detail.

  2. (of a movie) showing a high level of artistry; grand and visually impressive:

    This film is filled with sweeping, cinematic shots of the surrounding countryside, to the point where the setting almost becomes a third character.

  3. having qualities or using techniques associated with good movies, such as drama, emotional intensity, visual or sonic artistry, epic narrative, etc.:

    Poetic and strikingly cinematic, her exquisitely written novel illuminates the strange tightrope we are all walking in the radically altered landscape post-9/11.


  1. (in a video game) a short video or scripted event scene between stages of interactive play, often to introduce a new level, develop a character, or advance the plot:

    This year's NHL game has a lot of the same animations, cinematics between faceoffs, commentary tracks, and graphics.

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  • cin·e·mat·i·cal·ly adverb
  • un·cin·e·mat·ic adjective
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Example Sentences

Expect a shower of sparks, bullets and projectiles during action-packed moments, with a smoothness that could easily be mistaken for a non-playable cinematic.

A Wes Anderson world Travel is cinematic, a movie set in which we act out scenes populated by strangers.

There was no question when Sacha Baron Cohen’s new cinematic provocation, “Borat Subsequent Moviefilm,” would appear before audiences.

Chris Burkard’s new short film, Unnur, released on YouTube on September 28, offers a cinematic exploration of that uncertainty, and how one parent has learned to be at peace with his unconventional choices.

If the megalodon were living in the dark, inky depths, though, it would have had to become a very different sort of creature—one we might not find nearly as cinematic.

But those watching Selma were judging a work of cinematic art.

Of course, the output of this cinematic tradition has been mostly male-dominated.

With its exquisite landscapes, birds-eye view and soothing cinematic music, Drone Boning makes sex look like art.

This week, Greg and Jill Henderson brought to life the cinematic science of the hoverboard from Back to the Future Part II.

The resulting story is seductively cinematic, and should be made into a film itself.

Charity Coe Cheever was making less progress with her amateur movie-show than Kedzie with her professional cinematic career.

In the development of the plot Heliodorus makes his set more unified, less cinematic than Xenophon had done.

It is these films that have shown some experimentation in contemporary cinematic techniques on the part of Bulgarian directors.

Why not take a further wrinkle from the cinematic drama and throw upon the screen a succinct rsum of the previous argument?


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