/ (sɜːks) /

pl n
  1. British informal circumstances: See circumstance (def. 1)

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How to use circs in a sentence

  • When & if Spr returns wil acpt state-fed laws as b4 but meantime circs warrant adapt to prevailing conditions.

  • Through various circs, fault o' nobody really, me and Sam Corney found ourselves alone alongside a dug-out full o' Bosches.

  • Under the circs, if you'd told him I was riding it might have been forty bob!

    Kipps | H. G. Wells
  • Didn't care to go and see her—you know, under the circs—afraid of the old woman, who I didn't know was dead.

    Edward Barry | Louis Becke
  • Can't blame him, if you come to think of it, for getting the wind up a bit in the circs.

    The Adventures of Sally | P. G. Wodehouse