civil court


  1. a court of law in which civil cases are tried and determined. civil law ( def 1 ).
  2. a secular court as opposed to an ecclesiastical or military court.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of civil court1

First recorded in 1550–1600

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Example Sentences

The ads said the district attorney intended to keep their money, and those who wanted to fight back had 20 days from the final ad to respond in civil court.

Money confiscated by police sits in limbo until the DA files a forfeiture case in civil court.

Throughout 2020 and 2021, the USOPC and USAG have perpetuated their coverup with civil court motions.

Alex Padilla introduced a bill that would give people “the right to sue federal law enforcement officers in civil court for violating their civil and constitutional rights,” according to an announcement of the measure.

The NYPD has about 35,000 officers and the Law Department usually represents them when they’re sued in civil court in connection with on-the-job conduct and takes responsibility for paying out settlements or any punitive damages a jury might award.

He was awaiting his preliminary criminal hearing in that case in a civil court in Vicenza when the latest incident took place.

The chances of that happening in a criminal court, or even a civil court, now appear increasingly remote.

In that scenario, the victim would still have the recourse of suing Strauss-Kahn in civil court.

In each canton is a justice of the peace, in each department a civil court, and in sixteen important cities a court of appeal.

A civil court also was assembled this month, by which some writs and some probates of wills were granted.

Yet this dissuasion or inducement may be so conducted as to be no defined crime of which any civil court would take cognizance.

It is divided into three sections: the Chambre des Requtes, or court of petitions, the civil court and the criminal court.

The trial is not conducted as in a civil court, but according to the following manner in the "field court."


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