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  1. a group of families or households, as among the Scottish Highlanders, the heads of which claim descent from a common ancestor: the Mackenzie clan.

  2. a group of people of common descent; family: Our whole clan got together for Thanksgiving.

  1. a group of people, as a clique, set, society, or party, especially as united by some common trait, characteristic, or interest: a clan of actors and directors.

  2. Anthropology.

    • the principal social unit of tribal organization, in which descent is reckoned exclusively in either the paternal or the maternal line.

    • a group of people regarded as being descended from a common ancestor.

Origin of clan

1375–1425; late Middle English (Scots ) <Scots Gaelic clann<Old Irish cland offspring <Latin planta scion, plant, perhaps directly <British Celtic; compare Welsh plant children

Other words from clan

  • clanless, adjective
  • in·ter·clan, adjective
  • subclan, noun

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/ (klæn) /

  1. a group of people interrelated by ancestry or marriage

  2. a group of families with a common surname and a common ancestor, acknowledging the same leader, esp among the Scots and the Irish

  1. a group of people united by common characteristics, aims, or interests

Origin of clan

C14: from Scottish Gaelic clann family, descendants, from Latin planta sprout, plant 1

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