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  1. the red table wine produced in the Bordeaux region of France: originally it was light red or yellowish.

  2. a similar wine made elsewhere.

  1. Also called claret red . a deep purplish red.

  2. Slang. blood.

  1. deep purplish-red.

Origin of claret

1350–1400; Middle English <Anglo-French, Middle French claret, cleret, alteration, by suffix substitution, of Old French claré wine mixed with honey and herbs or spices <Medieval Latin clarātum, equivalent to Latin clār(us) clear + -ātus-ate1

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How to use claret in a sentence

  • The dinner was well dressed, and the Madeira and claret (the only wines produced), of the best quality.

    Newton Forster | Captain Frederick Marryat
  • He was far from a great eater, and I never noticed him drink anything at dinner but claret, which is not an intoxicating beverage.

  • But he was pleased, nevertheless; and presently he asked me, not unamiably, to punish his claret again.

    In Search of the Unknown | Robert W. Chambers

British Dictionary definitions for claret


/ (ˈklærət) /

  1. mainly British a red wine, esp one from the Bordeaux district of France

    • a purplish-red colour

    • (as adjective): a claret carpet

Origin of claret

C14: from Old French (vin) claret clear (wine), from Medieval Latin clārātum, from clārāre to make clear, from Latin clārus clear

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