[ klash ]
/ klæʃ /
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verb (used without object)
verb (used with object)
to strike with a resounding or violent collision: He clashed his fist against the heavy door.
to produce (sound) by or as by collision: The tower bell clashed its mournful note.
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Origin of clash

First recorded in 1490–1500; blend of clap1 and dash1


clasher, nounclash·ing·ly, adverbin·ter·clash, noun, verbun·clash·ing, adjective
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What does clashing mean?

Clashing describes a loud, harsh noise, as with pieces of metal hitting each other, Roan loves the clashing cymbals in this symphony.

Clashing also describes two or more things coming together that cause conflict or argument. Clashing colors in a painting don’t look good together, while two clashing ideas don’t work together.

A clashing is an instance of things clashing, as in My brother and I couldn’t agree on anything, and our constant clashing frustrated our parents.

Example: The clashing of the cymbals gave the old tune a sense of vibrance and excitement.

Where does clashing come from?

The first records of the term clashing come from the late 1400s. Its root word, clash, combines the terms clap, meaning “to bring together forcefully,” and dash, meaning “to strike or smash violently.”

To clash has several senses. It can mean to make a loud noise, as when you drop a tray of silverware. It can also mean to collide, especially noisily, as when two cars hit each other. And it can mean to conflict or disagree. When there are two events you want to go to at the same time, you can say that their schedules clash. All of these senses inform clashing.

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What are some other forms related to clashing?

  • clash (noun, verb)
  • clasher (noun)
  • clashingly (adverb)
  • interclash (noun, verb)
  • unclashing (adjective)

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How is clashing used in real life?

Clashing is often used to describe a sound or an event in question.


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A. arguing
B. bickering
C. conflicting
D. agreeing

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British Dictionary definitions for clash

/ (klæʃ) /


Derived forms of clash

clasher, nounclashingly, adverb

Word Origin for clash

C16: of imitative origin
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