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[ klen-lee-nis ]


  1. the quality, state, or habit of being cleanly, or keeping oneself clean and neat:

    personal cleanliness.

  2. the quality, state, or habit of being kept clean, as a place or object:

    the cleanliness of the restaurant.

  3. the state or quality of being morally pure or upright:

    spiritual cleanliness.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of cleanliness1

First recorded in 1425–75; Middle English clenlynesse, clenlines , cleanly ( def ), -ness ( def )
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Example Sentences

Another way to mitigate cleanliness issues is to purchase cheaper sponges that can be replaced every one to two weeks, Suozzi said.

“There’s no way to guarantee how effectively you’re removing the bacteria from these blenders,” she said, and you’ll probably have to resort to judging cleanliness by looks.

Yet the same isn’t true for tampons and pads, even though they’re just as necessary for cleanliness.

From Fortune

A serious email about the water being shut down in the building is not an invitation to make a joke about the cleanliness of said water.

They have new booking procedures and a commitment to cleanliness and safety.

As long as you exercise basic sanitation and cleanliness sort of protocols … I think the risk is relatively low.

Here, he seasons salmon like a pro and dishes out lessons about the importance of cleanliness and seasoning.

If you want to suss out the cleanliness and hygiene level of any hotel, take a quick look behind furniture and drapes.

If a guard dog licks one of your dinner plates, for example, serious scrubbing is involved to restore its cleanliness.

Smokers, tossing pipes and puffing smoke over the dinner-table, forgot all cleanliness and modesty.

Cleverly though they manipulate, cleanliness is not their besetting weakness.

Perfect cleanliness and careful adjustment of each article in the dress are indispensable in a finished toilet.

They are discreditable-looking places where there is no order, no cleanliness but utter confusion and horrible din and noise.

In view of their tidy raiment and their general air of cleanliness, it seemed a mistake to class them as Indians.


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