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variant of com- before a vowel, h, and gn: coadjutor; cohabit; cognate. The prefix co- now productively forms new words from bases beginning with any sound (co-conspirator; co-manage; coseismic), sometimes with the derived sense “auxiliary, subsidiary” (coenzyme; copilot), and, in mathematics and astronomy, with the sense “complement” (codeclination).


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British Dictionary definitions for co-



together; joint or jointly; mutual or mutuallycoproduction
indicating partnership or equalitycofounder; copilot
to the same or a similar degreecoextend
(in mathematics and astronomy) of the complement of an anglecosecant; codeclination

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from Latin, reduced form of com-
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Together; joint; jointly; mutually:coaptation.
Subordinate or auxiliary:coenzyme.
To the same extent or degree:codominant.
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