[ kok-rohch ]
/ ˈkɒkˌroʊtʃ /


any of numerous orthopterous insects of the family Blattidae, characterized by a flattened body, rapid movements, and nocturnal habits and including several common household pests.

Origin of cockroach

1615–25; < Spanish cucaracha, of uncertain origin, assimilated by folk etymology to cock1, roach2
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British Dictionary definitions for cockroach

/ (ˈkɒkˌrəʊtʃ) /


any insect of the suborder Blattodea (or Blattaria), such as Blatta orientalis (oriental cockroach or black beetle): order Dictyoptera ., They have an oval flattened body with long antennae and biting mouthparts and are common household pestsSee also German cockroach, mantis

Word Origin for cockroach

C17: from Spanish cucaracha, of obscure origin
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