[ koh-heer-uhnt-lee, -her- ]


  1. in a clear and logically connected, consistent, intelligible way; in a way that makes sense:

    None of the parties present was able to explain coherently what had happened.

    Your paper must have a soundly reasoned, coherently written conclusion.

  2. with a natural, harmonious, well-balanced agreement of parts:

    We’ve turned these goals into concrete initiatives that work coherently across humanitarian, development, and peacebuilding efforts.

  3. Physics, Optics. with electromagnetic waves in a fixed phase relationship maintained over time:

    A coherently illuminated system is especially useful for performing spectral analysis.

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Other Words From

  • non·co·her·ent·ly adverb

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Word History and Origins

Origin of coherently1

First recorded in 1615–25; coherent ( def ) + -ly ( def )

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Example Sentences

“On a bright summer day in the open air, the world with my ego suddenly appeared to me as one coherent mass of sensations,” he later wrote.

Today’s announcement is about bringing all of these components the company has created into a more coherent and connected enterprise product.

The unchecked spread of the virus threatens to make the coming weeks and months particularly dangerous for the nation, which still has little semblance of a coherent federal strategy to stem the tide of infections.

I’ll leave his policies and his politics — to the extent that he ever had policies or coherent politics — to the pundits.

Another system, called Haim, works a bit like GPT-3, composing long coherent passages from a few sentences of human writing.

From Fortune

This begs the question: can creative people coherently explain the myriad of ideas swirling in their minds?

This rant is pretty difficult to summarize coherently, so probably best to just watch for yourself.

For decades, but especially since the Iraq War, people have been bashing neocons without coherently defining who they are.

Mr. Sheen clearly and coherently denied those allegations in his interview with the Today show Wednesday morning.

Yet the film is confusingly presented, with too many subplots that aren't coherently integrated.

Gray lost much of his irritability and began to talk coherently upon topics of general interest.

When he was taken on board the tender, and restored to consciousness, he was incapable of talking coherently.

He was so excited that it was difficult for Arcot to read his thoughts coherently.

He was too angry to speak coherently, too bewildered to know what to say.

But Gano shrank from the sound and fury of the iconoclast as much as from his more coherently expressed doctrines.





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