[ koh-hee-siv ]
/ koʊˈhi sɪv /

WATCH NOW: What Does "Cohesive" Mean Outside Of Science?

WATCH NOW: What Does "Cohesive" Mean Outside Of Science?

Sandy and Danny, peanut butter and jelly: these pairs are cohesive because this means being naturally and logically connected.



characterized by or causing cohesion: a cohesive agent.
cohering or tending to cohere; well-integrated; unified: a cohesive organization.
Physics. of or relating to the molecular force within a body or substance acting to unite its parts.

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Origin of cohesive

First recorded in 1720–30; cohes(ion) + -ive

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/ (kəʊˈhiːsɪv) /


characterized by or causing cohesion
tending to cohere or stick together
Derived Formscohesively, adverbcohesiveness, noun

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Word Origin and History for cohesive



c.1730 (implied in cohesiveness), from Latin cohaes-, past participle stem of cohaerere (see cohere) + -ive. Related: Cohesively.

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