[ kuh-lek-ter ]
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  1. a person or thing that collects.

  2. a person employed to collect debts, duties, taxes, etc.

  1. a person who collects books, paintings, stamps, shells, etc., especially as a hobby.

  2. Electricity. a device for accumulating current from contact conductors.

  3. Electronics. an electrode in a transistor or vacuum tube for collecting electrons, ions, or holes.

  4. Metallurgy. promoter (def. 5).

  5. Energy. solar collector.

Origin of collector

1375–1425; late Middle English (<Anglo-French ) <Medieval Latin, equivalent to Latin colleg- (variant stem of colligere;see collect1) + -tor-tor

Other words from collector

  • col·lec·tor·ship, col·lec·tor·ate, noun
  • pre·col·lec·tor, noun
  • sub·col·lec·tor, noun
  • sub·col·lec·tor·ship, noun
  • un·der·col·lec·tor, noun

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British Dictionary definitions for collector


/ (kəˈlɛktə) /

  1. a person or thing that collects

  2. a person employed to collect debts, rents, etc

  1. the head of a district administration in India

  2. a person who collects or amasses objects as a hobby

  3. electronics the region in a transistor into which charge carriers flow from the base

Derived forms of collector

  • collectorship, noun

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