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[kuh-loh-nuh s]
noun, plural co·lo·ni [kuh-loh-nahy, -nee] /kəˈloʊ naɪ, -ni/.
  1. a serf in the latter period of the Roman Empire or in the early feudal period.
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Origin of colonus

1885–90; < Latin colōnus inhabitant of a colony, tenant-farmer, farmer, derivative of colere to inhabit, till, cultivate; cf. cult, cultivate
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Historical Examples

  • These are the services of the coloni or accol of the Church.

    The English Village Community

    Frederic Seebohm

  • Lastly, it has been observed that the coloni or accol did not give 'week-work.'

  • Roman colonies (coloni civium cum jure suffragii et honorum).

    History of Julius Caesar Vol. 1 of 2

    Napoleon III, Emperor of the French, 1808-1873.

  • They most likely sank into the ordinary condition of the large class of 'coloni,' &c., on the great provincial estates.

  • Concerning the freemen of the Church who are called 'coloni,' let all pay to the Church just as the coloni of the king.