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[ kuhl-erd ]


  1. having color.
  2. Older Use: Offensive. belonging wholly or in part to any group of nonwhite people, especially to Black people.
  3. Older Use: Offensive. pertaining to Black people.
  4. influenced or biased:

    colored opinions.

  5. The authorities detected a colored quality in her statement.

  6. Botany. of some hue other than green.


  1. Older Use: Offensive.
    1. a Black person.
    2. the colored, Black people as a group.

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Sensitive Note

See Black 1.

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Other Words From

  • half-colored adjective
  • un·colored adjective
  • un·colored·ly adverb
  • un·colored·ness noun
  • under·colored adjective
  • well-colored adjective

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Word History and Origins

Origin of colored1

A Middle English word dating back to 1275–1325; color, -ed 3

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Example Sentences

How do you celebrate when happy occasions are colored by loss and absence?

“I had this horrible secret and it colored everything I did,” said Roome.

The Arab women wore their colored hejabs, and the non-Muslim women dressed modestly and without a veil.

Not surprisingly, many Hongkongers have been taking taxis, which may also have colored some opinions.

The massive inflatable structure is filled with multi-colored light and takes a prehistoric yet futuristic shape.

He conceived an idea of securing agents among the colored people, and in that way effect a good sale.

The clear, straw-colored fluid which is left after separation of the coagulum is called blood-serum.

The intricate perforations of the lamp were inset with colored glass, and the result was a subdued and warm illumination.

A light-colored mulatto boy, in dress coat and bearing a diminutive silver tray for the reception of cards, admitted them.

In the nine differently colored circular tracks, rolled little globes representing the planets.


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How Do You Spell Colored?

Spelling tips for colored

The word colored is hard to spell for three reasons. First, it can be tempting to use a double l or double r. Second, in British English, the word is spelled with a u (colored), unlike in American English. Finally, the ending -ed is pronounced simply [ d ], so one may forget the e

How to spell colored: When it comes to color, keep it simple. You don’t need any extra letters, like a double l, double r, or u. For adjectives like colored that end with the sound [ d ], remember that you will always need a little Extra (e) to get it Done, -ed.

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