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[ kuhl-er-lis ]


  1. without color:

    Pure water is colorless.

  2. pallid; dull in color:

    a colorless complexion.

  3. lacking vividness or distinctive character; dull; insipid:

    a colorless description of the parade.

    Synonyms: unexciting, lackluster, drab, dreary

  4. unbiased; neutral.

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Other Words From

  • color·less·ly adverb
  • color·less·ness noun

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Word History and Origins

Origin of colorless1

Middle English word dating back to 1350–1400; color, -less

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Example Sentences

But, Dichiara points out, “in some cases the colorless form would be less toxic.”

The metal speeds up a chemical reaction that turns blue dye colorless.

The strong force binds quarks of different colors together into composite particles such as protons and neutrons, which are “colorless,” with no net color charge.

Though they appear an electric blue, the wings themselves are colorless in the traditional sense.

Fewer still have acquired a taste for its pricey, colorless, burn-in-your-throat liquor.

From Quartz

This 16 percent, known as the “cut,” is colorless in nature, and it is “reaped” with a typical alcohol content of 69.8 percent.

So this is what it looks like: Dylan was limp and unconscious, and his lips were colorless.

I also knew that story was timeless and colorless, which is something a lot of people need to understand about life.

It doesn't matter if you're from the left or right, a crooning populist or a colorless technocrat.

Competent, conservative and colorless, but could break through if others falter.

Cystin crystals are colorless, highly refractive, rather thick, hexagonal plates with well-defined edges.

They are grayish or colorless, and have a dull waxy look, as if cut from paraffin (Figs. 43 and 61).

Yeast-cells are smooth, colorless, highly refractive, spheric or ovoid cells.

The older forms are larger colorless bodies containing granules of brown pigment.

A plaque upon a red corpuscle is surrounded by a colorless zone rather than by a distinct blue body.


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