[ kuhm-lee ]
/ ˈkʌm li /
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adjective, come·li·er, come·li·est.

pleasing in appearance; attractive; fair: a comely face.
proper; seemly; becoming: comely behavior.



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Origin of comely

before 1000; Middle English cumli,Old English cȳmlīc lovely, equivalent to cȳme exquisite (cognate with Middle High German kūme weak, tender, German kaum (adv.) with difficulty, Old High German kūmo) + -līc-ly
come·li·ly, adverbcome·li·ness, nounun·come·ly, adjective
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British Dictionary definitions for comely

/ (ˈkʌmlɪ) /

adjective -lier or -liest

good-looking; attractive
comeliness, noun
Old English cӯmlīc beautiful; related to Old High German cūmi frail, Middle High German komlīche suitably
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