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[ kuhm-er ]


  1. Informal. a person or thing that is progressing well or is very promising:

    He looks like a comer in state politics.

  2. a person or thing that arrives.


/ ˈkʌmə /


  1. in combination a person who comes



  2. informal.
    a potential success
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Word History and Origins

Origin of comer1

Middle English word dating back to 1325–75; come, -er 1
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Example Sentences

Then, suddenly, he was a star, one of the most effective pitchers in the strike zone in the majors and part of a dominant Brewers triumvirate they hope will shut down all comers this October.

The dominant streaming service reached that position, in part, by taking on debt to build up its original programming library and not only head off potential rivals but get so far ahead that all comers are effectively competing for the No.

From Digiday

Makes no difference though — I answer all comers, and so here I come.

From Ozy

Ray gave Jay a shell, then stepped onto a small, rickety carousel in the comer of the churchyard and loaded up.

“Katie was my best friend,” Cheryl says, and immediately a large tear fills the comer of her eye.

Besides, who knows what up-and-comer they may discover on the road?

So now Comer is applying the same political strategy in Washington.

Mitt Romney is a late-comer to the game, opening his headquarters just three weeks ago.

To the boys imagination, the new-comer seemed a visitant from a fairy world.

As they walked along, Oliver glanced from time to time with much interest and curiosity at the new-comer.

It is only after obtaining a satisfactory answer to these questions that they associate with the new comer.

"Well, I'd engage to show the gentlemen something a sight more interesting than this," the new-comer continued.

"I claim my rights as a corresponding member of the Double Four," the new-comer declared.





come overcome round