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[ kuh-men-sing ]


  1. the act, fact, or time of starting or beginning:

    From the commencing of his career as a painter, his prime concerns have been people's pain and longing and the beauty of nature.


  1. She became a Junior Assistant in the local public library at a commencing salary of $45 a week—not bad for those days.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of commencing1

First recorded in 1580–90; commenc(e) ( def ) + -ing 1( def ) for the noun; commenc(e) ( def ) + -ing 2( def ) for the adjective

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Example Sentences

In the spirit of the new year, fashion has commenced its first-of-the-season pieces.

If the target company doesn’t cooperate, Staples said it will commence a tender offer in March.

From Fortune

I had to empty my pack, sort my tangled equipment, review the art of the Prusik hitch, and commence the shitshow.

Spanish guitar music wafts through the air, top-draw cocktails land on freshly ironed linens and dinner commences with not one but two treats from the chef.

The region at the end of the maxillae, referred to as the laciniae, have tiny teeth on their edges and act as drill bits, tunneling through the skin and then acting as anchors to keep the stylets in place once feeding commences.

He wants the Maliki government in Baghdad to get its act together on genuine power-sharing before commencing U.S. military action.

The month is commencing with a bang as the government shuts down after failing to pass a budget to fund the government.

Before commencing his rape, the man reportedly asked, “Do you remember me?”

Trevithick's expansive engine therefore, commencing its work with steam of 46.8 lbs.

The Spanish troops, in proceeding to their posts, in commencing the siege, had several engagements with the Mexicans.

Before commencing a campaign a great general sits down to think it out.

They had probably reached no great height, but summer was only commencing, and it was evidently freezing.

To pay these seemed a necessary preliminary even to the possibility of commencing a new career.


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