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[ bih-gin-ing ]


  1. an act or circumstance of entering upon an action or state:

    the beginning of hostilities.

    Synonyms: inception, inauguration, initiation

    Antonyms: ending

  2. the point of time or space at which anything begins:

    the beginning of the Christian era; the beginning of the route.

    Synonyms: emergence, onset, outset, commencement, start

    Antonyms: end

  3. the first part:

    the beginning of the book; the beginning of the month.

  4. Often beginnings. the initial stage or part of anything:

    the beginnings of science.

  5. origin; source; first cause:

    A misunderstanding about the rent was the beginning of their quarrel.


  1. just formed:

    a beginning company.

  2. first; opening:

    the beginning chapters of a book.

  3. basic or introductory:

    beginning Spanish.

  4. learning the fundamentals:

    a beginning swimmer.


/ bɪˈɡɪnɪŋ /


  1. a start; commencement
  2. often plural a first or early part or stage
  3. the place where or time when something starts
  4. an origin; source

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Word History and Origins

Origin of beginning1

First recorded in 1175–1225, beginning is from the Middle English word beginnung, begonning. See begin, -ing 1

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Example Sentences

One of them, of course, is the cold chain, which has become a lot more important since the beginning of the pandemic.

That’s because the Houdini Air’s thin nylon shell cuts the cold air just enough to help me find my pace at the beginning of a chilly run.

It was clear they hadn’t talked about it since the beginning of their relationship.

They can also provide training on how to use the internet, which would be at least a good beginning for these vulnerable groups.

Simply adding those two additional numbers at the beginning of the value likely only took a fraction of a second, but it represents a dangerous change to the water at the treatment facility.

I just recently rewatched all six Star Wars movies the other day… Oh wow, from the beginning?

The various members met for the first time when they traveled to Gambia at the beginning of December to carry out their plan.

The idea that January 1st initiates a period of new beginning is not a flash of Hallmark brilliance.

And the authorities also worry that the December fires are just the beginning.

He encountered struggles that many foreign newcomers face upon beginning a new life in America.

To fill up the time till Liszt came, our hostess made us play, one after the other, beginning with the latest arrival.

"I verily believe they're gone to look at my button," cried Davy, beginning to laugh, in spite of his fears.

Beginning with single twigs and working over them patiently she at length painted whole trees, and later animals.

It mounted straight as a plume for a little way, until it met the cool air of evening which was beginning to fall.

The conclusion is reached that, despite these drawbacks, the Jesuit mission in Canada has made a hopeful beginning.


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How Do You Spell Beginning?

Spelling tips for beginning

The word beginning is hard to spell for two reasons. It doesn’t simply combine the base word (begin) with the suffix -ing, as is done in other easy-to-remember words that end in -ing, like starting and talking. Also, it can be tempting to use a double g (beggining) instead of a double n

How to spell beginning: To spell beginning, you take the base word begin and add an n at the end. Then, add the suffix -ing. Why do you need an extra n? Because you should begin right Now.




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