[ kuh-mit ]
/ kəˈmɪt /

verb (used with object), com·mit·ted, com·mit·ting.

verb (used without object), com·mit·ted, com·mit·ting.

to bind or obligate oneself, as by pledge or assurance; devote or engage oneself to a person or thing: She is an athlete who commits to the highest standards.If he hasn’t committed after eight years, he’s never going to marry you.

Idioms for commit

    com·mit su·i·cide, to intentionally end one’s own life.See Usage note at suicide.

Origin of commit

First recorded in 1350–1400; Middle English committen, from Anglo-French committer or directly from Latin committere, equivalent to com- “with, together, completely” + mittere “to send, give over”; see origin at com-


1 carry out, effect, execute.

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British Dictionary definitions for commit

/ (kəˈmɪt) /

verb -mits, -mitting or -mitted (tr)

Derived forms of commit

committable, adjectivecommitter, noun

Word Origin for commit

C14: from Latin committere to join, from com- together + mittere to put, send
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Medical definitions for commit

[ kə-mĭt ]


To place officially in confinement or custody, as in a mental health facility.
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