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[ kuhm-pat-uh-buhl ]


  1. capable of existing or living together in harmony:

    the most compatible married couple I know.

  2. able to exist together with something else:

    Prejudice is not compatible with true religion.

  3. consistent; congruent (often followed by with ):

    His claims are not compatible with the facts.

  4. Botany. (of two or more different plant species or cultivars) capable of cross-pollinating:

    These varieties of apple trees are quite distinct one from the other, but they are compatible, with each one’s pollen fertilizing the other’s flowers.

  5. Computers.
    1. (of software) capable of being run on another computer without change.
    2. (of hardware) capable of being connected to another device without the use of special equipment or software.
  6. Electronics. (of a device, signal, etc.) capable of being used with equipment in a system without the need for special modification or conversion.
  7. noting a system of television in which color broadcasts can be received on ordinary sets in black and white.


  1. something, as a machine or piece of electronic equipment, that is designed to perform the same tasks as another, often in the same way and using virtually identical parts, programmed instructions, etc.:

    Software written for one computer will probably run on its close compatibles.


/ kəmˈpætəbəl /


  1. usually foll by with able to exist together harmoniously
  2. usually foll by with consistent or congruous

    her deeds were not compatible with her ideology

  3. of plants
    1. capable of forming successful grafts
    2. capable of successful self-fertilization See self-compatible self-incompatible
  4. (of pieces of machinery, computer equipment, etc) capable of being used together without special modification or adaptation

    a PC-compatible disc

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Derived Forms

  • comˌpatiˈbility, noun
  • comˈpatibly, adverb

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Other Words From

  • com·pat·i·bil·i·ty [k, uh, m-pat-, uh, -, bil, -i-tee], com·pat·i·ble·ness noun
  • com·pat·i·bly adverb
  • non·com·pat·i·ble adjective
  • non·com·pat·i·bly adverb
  • non·com·pat·i·ble·ness noun

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Word History and Origins

Origin of compatible1

First recorded in 1425–75; late Middle English, from Medieval Latin compatibilis, derivative of Late Latin compatī ( Latin com- “with, together” + patī “to suffer, undergo”); com-, -ible

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Word History and Origins

Origin of compatible1

C15: from Medieval Latin compatibilis, from Late Latin compatī to be in sympathy with; see compassion

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Example Sentences

Simply plug the device into a USB-C or micro USB compatible charger.

Look for a dock that’s compatible with the type of projects you’re working on and cables you use.

You can schedule program feeding on the unit itself or use the compatible app on your phone to control feeding from afar.

Each printer will be compatible with specific ink cartridges, which will, in turn, factor into the price per page.

Although Shanthi Chandrasekar’s style draws from a wider range of influences and inspirations than Cortina’s, the two artists’ work is quite compatible.

How is this at all compatible with how your parents treated you?

The best he can hope for, March realizes, is to find a more compatible version of Dryfoos.

Was his public persona compatible with the American dad figure he played on the show, or was he moving into new territory?

More pointedly, can supporting abortion rights be compatible with Christianity?

President Obama is absolutely correct that ensuring work is compatible with motherhood is essential.

His version adheres as closely to the original as is compatible with elegance and the preservation of metrical grace.

One cannot but feel that there is in these allegories an affectation but little compatible with true eloquence.

He is inclined toward a friendship with somebody else whose nature is compatible with his own.

Sociability, tolerance, humanity, these first virtues of all morality are totally in compatible with religious prejudices.

The aim of all will be individual and general comfort, and as much happiness as is compatible with humanity.


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