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[kuh m-plek-tid]
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  1. complexioned (usually used in combination): a light-complected boy.
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Origin of complected

1800–10, Americanism; complect- (back formation from complexion, presumably taken as *complection) + -ed3

Usage note

Complected, a back formation from complexion, is an Americanism dating from the early 19th century. Although it has been criticized by some as a dialectal or nonstandard substitution for complexioned, it occurs in the speech of educated persons and occasionally in edited writing.


[kuh m-plekt]
verb (used with object) Obsolete.
  1. to interweave; intertwine.
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Origin of complect

1515–25; < Latin complectī to embrace, enfold, equivalent to com- com- + plect(ere) to plait, braid + passive infinitive ending; cf. complex
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Related Words for complected

sew, incorporate, entwine, construct, compose, zigzag, knit, create, fuse, fabricate, twist, fold, intertwine, careen, snake, splice, introduce, braid, spin, loop

British Dictionary definitions for complected


  1. (in combination) a US dialect word for complexioned
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  1. (tr) archaic to interweave or entwine
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Word Origin for complect

C16: from Latin complectī; see complex
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Word Origin and History for complected


1806, American English, "complexioned," a variant derivation from complexion, which, intentionally or not, shows the Latin root.

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