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[ kuhn-sep-choo-uh-lahyz ]

verb (used with object)

, con·cep·tu·al·ized, con·cep·tu·al·iz·ing.
  1. to form into a concept; make a concept of.

verb (used without object)

, con·cep·tu·al·ized, con·cep·tu·al·iz·ing.
  1. to form a concept; think in concepts.


/ kənˈsɛptjʊəˌlaɪz /


  1. to form (a concept or concepts) out of observations, experience, data, etc
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Derived Forms

  • conˌceptualiˈzation, noun
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Other Words From

  • con·cep·tu·al·i·za·tion [k, uh, n-sep-choo-, uh, -lahy-, zey, -sh, uh, n] especially British, con·cep·tu·al·i·sa·tion noun
  • con·cep·tu·al·iz·er especially British, con·cep·tu·al·is·er noun
  • re·con·cep·tu·al·ize especially British, re·con·cep·tu·al·ise verb (used with object) reconceptualized reconceptualizing or (especially British) reconceptualised reconceptualising
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Word History and Origins

Origin of conceptualize1

First recorded in 1875–80; conceptual + -ize
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Example Sentences

Hardy, who had conceptualized the aquatic theory 30 years earlier, initially refused to publish anything on it lest he ruin his nascent academic career.

Simon Kuznets, the Nobel Prize–winning ­economist who conceptualized GDP, warned in the 1960s that “distinctions must be kept in mind between quantity and quality of growth, between its costs and return.”

From Time

A group of blind men, who’ve never seen an elephant before, each touches a different part of the elephant’s body to conceptualize what the animal is like.

The best way to conceptualize Wilson’s renormalization group, said Paul Fendley, a condensed matter theorist at the University of Oxford, is as a “theory of theories” connecting the microscopic with the macroscopic.

Hastings offered up a hypothetical of how someone at Netflix might guide an employee to say, conceptualize an ad highlighting Netflix’s bingeable quality — and how easily that guidance can go awry.

They offer crucial evidence that it is utterly impossible to conceptualize humanity without literature.

Health is simple to conceptualize—it is what we all hope to have and maintain.

BASTIANICH: Every accomplished home cook needs to be able to conceptualize and execute a complete dinner party.

This approach permits us to conceptualize as well as contextualize the knowledge of nursing the story tells.

Faculty are supported in their struggles to conceptualize nursing in a new way.

Only in the sense of this power to transform and conceptualize, does the mind have knowledge within itself.

We must give serious thought to our obsession with invulnerability, easy to conceptualize and express in language.