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[kon-ser-tahn-tee; Italian kawn-cher-tahn-te]Music.
  1. brilliantly virtuosic: a concertante part for solo violin.
  2. solo rather than accompanying: a sonata for recorder and harpsichord concertante.
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noun, plural con·cer·tan·ti [kon-ser-tahn-tee; Italian kawn-cher-tahn-tee] /ˌkɒn sərˈtɑn ti; Italian ˌkɔn tʃɛrˈtɑn ti/.
  1. an 18th-century symphonic work with sections for solo instruments.
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Origin of concertante

1720–30; < Italian, present participle of concertare to give a concert; see -ant
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Historical Examples of concertante

  • It is highly improbable that either he or Paganini ever heard, or even knew anything of Mozart's "Concertante" just mentioned.

    Nicolo Paganini: His Life and Work

    Stephen Samuel Stratton

  • First attempts in the Recitative style, in the melodious song for a single voice (Monody) and in the Concertante style.

  • The other three have been already included under the concertante instruments.

    Sebastian Bach

    Reginald Lane Poole

  • The Solo performances of the two artistes, as also together, in my Concertante, were received with enthusiastic applause.

  • Herr Wassermann, one of the cleverest of my former pupils, played my Concertante with me.

British Dictionary definitions for concertante


  1. characterized by contrasting alternating tutti and solo passages
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noun plural -ti (-tɪ)
  1. a composition characterized by such contrasts
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Word Origin for concertante

C18: from Italian, from concertare to perform a concert, from concerto concert
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