[ kuhn-klood ]
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verb (used with object),con·clud·ed, con·clud·ing.
  1. to bring to an end; finish; terminate: to conclude a speech with a quotation from the Bible.

  2. to say in conclusion: At the end of the speech he concluded that we had been a fine audience.

  1. to bring to a decision or settlement; settle or arrange finally: to conclude a treaty.

  2. to determine by reasoning; deduce; infer: They studied the document and concluded that the author must have been an eyewitness.

  3. to decide, determine, or resolve: He concluded that he would go no matter what the weather.

  4. Obsolete.

    • to shut up or enclose.

    • to restrict or confine.

verb (used without object),con·clud·ed, con·clud·ing.
  1. to come to an end; finish: The meeting concluded at ten o'clock.

  2. to arrive at an opinion or judgment; come to a decision; decide: The jury concluded to set the accused free.

Origin of conclude

First recorded in 1250–1300; Middle English, from Latin conclūdere “to close, end an argument,” equivalent to con- con- + -clūdere, combining form of claudere “to close

Other words from conclude

  • con·clud·a·ble, con·clud·i·ble, adjective
  • con·clud·er, noun
  • non·con·clud·ing, adjective
  • pre·con·clude, verb (used with object), pre·con·clud·ed, pre·con·clud·ing.
  • un·con·clud·a·ble, adjective Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2023

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British Dictionary definitions for conclude


/ (kənˈkluːd) /

verb(mainly tr)
  1. (also intr) to come or cause to come to an end or conclusion

  2. (takes a clause as object) to decide by reasoning; deduce: the judge concluded that the witness had told the truth

  1. to arrange finally; settle: to conclude a treaty; it was concluded that he should go

  2. obsolete to confine

Origin of conclude

C14: from Latin conclūdere to enclose, end, from claudere to close

Derived forms of conclude

  • concluder, noun

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