[ verb kuh n-fekt; noun kon-fekt ]
/ verb kənˈfɛkt; noun ˈkɒn fɛkt /

verb (used with object)

to make up, compound, or prepare from ingredients or materials: to confect a herbal remedy for colds.
to make into a preserve or confection.
to construct, form, or make: to confect a dress from odds and ends of fabric.


a preserved, candied, or other sweet confection.

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Origin of confect

1350–1400; Middle English confecten < Latin confectus (past participle of conficere to produce, effect), equivalent to con- con- + -fec- (variant stem of -ficere, combining form of facere to make; see fact) + -tus past participle suffix

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/ (kənˈfɛkt) /

verb (tr)

to prepare by combining ingredients
to make; construct

Word Origin for confect

C16: from Latin confectus prepared, from conficere to accomplish, from com- (intensive) + facere to make

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