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[verb kuh n-fekt; noun kon-fekt]
verb (used with object)
  1. to make up, compound, or prepare from ingredients or materials: to confect a herbal remedy for colds.
  2. to make into a preserve or confection.
  3. to construct, form, or make: to confect a dress from odds and ends of fabric.
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  1. a preserved, candied, or other sweet confection.
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Origin of confect

1350–1400; Middle English confecten < Latin confectus (past participle of conficere to produce, effect), equivalent to con- con- + -fec- (variant stem of -ficere, combining form of facere to make; see fact) + -tus past participle suffix
Related formsun·con·fect·ed, adjective
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Historical Examples

  • That evening an emetic of ipecacoanha was given, and afterwards a draught, with vitriolic æther and confect.

    An Account of the Foxglove and some of its Medical Uses

    William Withering

British Dictionary definitions for confect


verb (tr)
  1. to prepare by combining ingredients
  2. to make; construct
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Word Origin

C16: from Latin confectus prepared, from conficere to accomplish, from com- (intensive) + facere to make
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