[ kon-fur-vuh ]
/ kɒnˈfɜr və /

noun, plural con·fer·vae [kon-fur-vee] /kɒnˈfɜr vi/, con·fer·vas.

any simple filamentous green algae, many of which were formerly classified in the genus Conferva.

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Origin of conferva

1630–40; < Latin: a certain water plant supposed to heal wounds, akin to confervēre to grow together, heal (see con-, fervent)

Related formscon·fer·val, con·fer·vous [kuh n-fur-vuh s] /kənˈfɜr vəs/, adjectivecon·fer·void [kon-fur-void] /kɒnˈfɜr vɔɪd/, adjective, noun Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019

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/ (kɒnˈfɜːvə) /

noun plural -vae (-viː) or -vas

any of various threadlike green algae, esp any of the genus Tribonema, typically occurring in fresh water
Derived Formsconferval, adjectiveconfervoid, noun, adjective

Word Origin for conferva

C18: from Latin: a water plant, from confervēre to grow together, heal, literally: to seethe, from fervēre to boil; named with reference to its reputed healing properties

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