[kuh n-sur-vuh n-see]

noun, plural con·serv·an·cies.

conservation of natural resources.
an association dedicated to the protection of the environment and its resources.
British. a commission regulating navigation, fisheries, etc.

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Origin of conservancy

1550–60; < Medieval Latin conservantia (see conserve, -ancy); replacing conservacy < Medieval Latin conservātia; see -acy

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noun plural -cies

(in Britain) a court or commission with jurisdiction over a river, port, area of countryside, etc
another word for conservation (def. 2)
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Word Origin and History for conservancy



1755, "commission with jurisdiction over a port or river," from Latin conservant-, present participle stem of conservare (see conserve) + -cy. Earlier was conservacy (mid-15c., Anglo-French conservacie). Meaning "official preservation of undeveloped land" dates from 1859 (first reference is to protection of bo trees in Ceylon).

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