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  1. the act of considering; careful thought; meditation; deliberation: I will give your project full consideration.
  2. something that is or is to be kept in mind in making a decision, evaluating facts, etc.: Age was an important consideration in the decision.
  3. thoughtful or sympathetic regard or respect; thoughtfulness for others: They showed no consideration for his feelings.
  4. a thought or reflection; an opinion based upon reflection.
  5. a recompense or payment, as for work done; compensation.
  6. importance or consequence.
  7. estimation; esteem: He is held in great consideration by the community.
  8. Law.
    1. something that suffices to make an informal promise legally binding, usually some value given in exchange for the promise.
    2. the hearing of a case by a tribunal.
  1. in consideration of,
    1. in view of.
    2. in return or recompense for: She was offered money in consideration of her efforts.
  2. take into consideration, to take into account; consider: We failed to take into consideration the large number of tourists attending the exhibition.

Origin of consideration

1350–1400; Middle English (< Anglo-French) < Latin consīderātiōn- (stem of consīderātiō), equivalent to consīderāt(us) (see considerate) + -iōn- -ion
Related formsnon·con·sid·er·a·tion, nouno·ver·con·sid·er·a·tion, nounpre·con·sid·er·a·tion, nounsub·con·sid·er·a·tion, noun

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7. See honor. Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2018

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  1. the act or an instance of considering; deliberation; contemplation
  2. take into consideration to bear in mind; consider
  3. under consideration being currently discussed or deliberated
  4. a fact or circumstance to be taken into account when making a judgment or decision
  5. on no consideration for no reason whatsoever; never
  6. thoughtfulness for other people; kindness
  7. payment for a service; recompense; fee
  8. thought resulting from deliberation; opinion
  9. law the promise, object, etc, given by one party to persuade another to enter into a contract
  10. estimation; esteem
  11. in consideration of
    1. because of
    2. in return for
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Word Origin and History for consideration

mid-14c., "a beholding, looking at," also "keeping in mind," from Old French consideracion (12c., Modern French considération), from Latin considerationem (nominative consideratio) "consideration, contemplation, reflection," noun of action from past participle stem of considerare (see consider). Meaning "a taking into account" is from mid-15c.; that of "something given in payment" is from c.1600.

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see in consideration of; take into account (consideration); under consideration.

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