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[ kuhn-sis-tuhnt-lee ]


  1. with no or very few exceptions; typically; usually:

    We hope the new system will lead to teachers and administrators who are consistently well-prepared and well-supported, and who will continue to grow throughout their careers.

  2. regularly or frequently:

    The museum consistently ranks as one of the top 10 children's museums in the country.

    As a premier chamber music ensemble, they consistently perform to sold-out houses around the world.

  3. in a way that adheres to the same principles, course, form, etc.:

    Similarly situated employees must be treated consistently under all company policies.

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  • qua·si-con·sist·ent·ly adverb

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Example Sentences

Paul is no longer the world-class defender he was in his prime, but he’s still a good one, and few players work consistently harder on that end than he does.

If these types of masks work well for you, consider yourself lucky—they’re not consistently effective.

Airbnb still has a long way to go to becoming consistently profitable, and the coronavirus will likely play a big part in determining that timeline.

From Fortune

If you keep winning, and then all of a sudden start losing consistently, it will be easier to give it up.

From Fortune

It has pretty consistently shown that nature can improve performance, but that does vary in certain ways.

Neither the Republican nor the Democratic party have done anything to consistently target Asian- American voters.

With that, there is no means to consistently measure progress.

Direct funds away from practices, policies, and programs that consistently fail to achieve measurable outcomes.

And since visual media is more compelling than any other medium, it is consistently their drug of choice.

He consistently met the requirements of his job, according to personnel records.

Death, to do him justice, he had met with none of the cowardice he had vaunted, and consistently with his arid cynical soul.

The throat, with the whole of the peg-box, is reduced slightly but consistently with strength and beauty of appearance.

He supported me consistently, permitting no one but himself to interfere with anything I thought it right to do.

As shown in table 1, there are ten characters by means of which Eutamias and Tamias can be separated consistently.

He sang the duel, and in a style which I could not, consistently with the interests of literature, reproduce on a large scale.





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