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[ kuhn-sol-i-deyt ]

verb (used with object)

, con·sol·i·dat·ed, con·sol·i·dat·ing.
  1. to bring together (separate parts) into a single or unified whole; unite; combine:

    They consolidated their three companies.

  2. to discard the unused or unwanted items of and organize the remaining:

    She consolidated her home library.

  3. to make solid or firm; solidify; strengthen:

    to consolidate gains.

  4. Military. to strengthen by rearranging the position of ground combat troops after a successful attack.

verb (used without object)

, con·sol·i·dat·ed, con·sol·i·dat·ing.
  1. to unite or combine.
  2. to become solid or firm.


/ kənˈsɒlɪˌdeɪt /


  1. to form or cause to form into a solid mass or whole; unite or be united
  2. to make or become stronger or more stable
  3. military to strengthen or improve one's control over (a situation, force, newly captured area, etc)
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Other Words From

  • con·soli·dator noun
  • precon·soli·date verb preconsolidated preconsolidating
  • recon·soli·date verb reconsolidated reconsolidating
  • uncon·soli·dating adjective
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Word History and Origins

Origin of consolidate1

First recorded in 1505–15; from Latin consolidātus “made solid,” past participle of consolidāre “to make solid,” equivalent to con- + solid + -ate 1
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Word History and Origins

Origin of consolidate1

C16: from Latin consolidāre to make firm, from solidus strong, solid
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Example Sentences

Hong Kong just delivered a masterclass on how authoritarian regimes distort facts and erase history in a bid to consolidate state control.

From Quartz

Chains like Target and Walmart are benefiting from consumers’ growing tendency to consolidate shopping trips to stores where they can buy everything and minimize time in stores.

From Fortune

Then, in an executive reshuffling in 2017, Levien was promoted to chief operating officer, consolidating power on the business side and establishing herself as the clear internal candidate to be named as the next CEO.

From Digiday

The planemaker announced last month that it was ending production of the 747 jumbo jet and studying whether to consolidate production of the 787 Dreamliner, which is manufactured in South Carolina and Washington state.

From Fortune

The effect was larger among Republicans hoping to consolidate Republican power.

We eliminated him because we just needed to consolidate for film.

In anticipation of 2016 the GOP had better consolidate its goods and reinvent its brand.

“We must consolidate, but not for wars or conflicts, but for hard work in the name of Russia and for Russia,” he said.

He wants to consolidate services, closing police and fire stations if necessary.

As U.S. soldiers left Iraq at the end of 2011, Maliki then began to consolidate his power.

This might involve a month and in the meantime the enemy would have time to consolidate his position.

They simply remembered the wishes of their fathers and saw it was best to consolidate their huge commercial interests.

We must join to our doctrine political interests which will consolidate it, and keep together the materiel of my armies.

Not being armed, we fell back to consolidate losses instead of gains.

Spain was anxious for peace, and desired to consolidate it by separating England from France and Holland.