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[kuh n-stab-yuh-ler-ee]
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noun, plural con·stab·u·lar·ies.
  1. the body of constables of a district.
  2. a body of officers of the peace organized on a military basis.
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Origin of constabulary1

1350–1400; < Medieval Latin constabulāria, feminine of constabulārius constabulary2; replacing Middle English constablerie < Old French < Medieval Latin as above


[kuh n-stab-yuh-ler-ee]
  1. pertaining to constables or their duties.
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Also con·stab·u·lar [kuh n-stab-yuh-ler] /kənˈstæb yə lər/.

Origin of constabulary2

1815–25; < Medieval Latin constabulārius; see constable, -ary
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Historical Examples

  • The splendid force of constabulary which are now for you would be against you.

    Ireland as It Is

    Robert John Buckley (AKA R.J.B.)

  • I saw the constabulary going in force there this afternoon.'

    Lord Kilgobbin

    Charles Lever

  • I am, as you know, assistant superintendent to the constabulary force of the colony.

  • The map was symbolic of the Constabulary, whose duty it is to know all, to protect all.


    Charles Goff Thomson

  • You can never tell what the next day may bring you Constabulary fellows!


    Charles Goff Thomson

British Dictionary definitions for constabulary


noun plural -laries
  1. the police force of a town or district
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  1. of or relating to constables, constabularies, or their duties
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Word Origin and History for constabulary


1630s, "district under a constable," from Medieval Latin constabularia, from constabulus, Latinized form of Old French conestable (see constable). Meaning "organized body of constables" is from 1837. Earlier (mid-15c.) as an adjective, "pertaining to a constable."

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