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[ kon-stuhnt-lee ]


  1. without pausing; unceasingly:

    Add the milk and cook until thick, stirring constantly.

  2. regularly or frequently; consistently:

    The charts have to be updated every few years as the geomagnetic field is changing constantly.

    We need to be constantly vigilant if we do not want the clutter to get out of hand.

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Other Words From

  • o·ver·con·stant·ly adverb
  • qua·si-con·stant·ly adverb
  • un·con·stant·ly adverb

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Example Sentences

The way the developers keep the constant battling from becoming banal is to give each team member some wildly inventive powers, performed by pressing multiple controller buttons in sequence.

Usually, Hayes slaps players’ shoulder pads on the sidelines, yells into his headset with assistant coaches and is in constant communication with his quarterback.

Then comes the deluge of constant discussion about the virus and its ripple effects across our lives, as well as the sobering realization that we just don’t know when it will all end.

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The problem was that special relativity only relativized motion for observers moving at a constant speed.

The history of Bitcoin has been defined by constant but decreasing volatility.

From Fortune

However, intellectual honesty is the first thing to go when you are forced to constantly pander to your base.

“It was not merely the work in which he had constantly grown happier that he saw taken from him,” Howells notes.

Today, as president, he constantly praises Fidel and Raúl in his speeches and frequently travels to the island.

They constantly break the fourth wall, yelling and complaining to the cameramen.

He dealt drugs, was addicted to cocaine by the time he was 13, and found himself constantly in trouble with the law.

In pneumonia chlorids are constantly very low, and in some cases are absent entirely.

This gave the house a very cheerful appearance, as if it were constantly on a broad grin.

The commander-in-chief still kept him attached to the headquarter staff, and constantly employed him on special service.

For several years the two were constantly together, even sleeping in the same room at night.

But those I speak of, the best women of every small town, are constantly active in civic affairs.


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