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noun, plural con·ti [kawn-tee] /ˈkɔn ti/. Italian.
  1. count2.
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[kohn-tey, kon-tee; French kawn-tey]
plural Con·tés [kohn-teyz, kon-teez; French kawn-tey] /koʊnˈteɪz, ˈkɒn tiz; French kɔ̃ˈteɪ/.
  1. Trademark. a brand of crayon made of graphite and clay, usually in black, red, or brown.
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Origin of Conté

1850–55; named after N. J. Conté, 18th-century French chemist, who invented it
Also called Conté crayon.
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version, fantasy, fable, biography, information, feature, fiction, book, comedy, memoir, description, myth, autobiography, anecdote, adventure, report, article, tragedy, novel, drama

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  1. a tale or short story, esp of adventure
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  1. trademark a hard crayon used by artists, etc, made of clay and graphite and often coloured a reddish-brownAlso called: conté-crayon
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Word Origin for Conté

C19: named after N.J. Conté, 18th-century French chemist
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