verb (used without object), con·va·lesced, con·va·lesc·ing.

to recover health and strength after illness; make progress toward recovery of health.

Origin of convalesce

1475–85; < Latin convalēscere to grow fully strong, equivalent to con- con- + valēscere to grow strong (val(ēre) to be well + -escere -esce) Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019

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recuperate, mend, restore, rejuvenate, revive, improve

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Historical Examples of convalesce

  • It took Mrs. Upton a fortnight to get over one of these visits—to convalesce.

    "Run To Seed"

    Thomas Nelson Page

  • But was she back from Scotland, where they knew she had gone to convalesce?

    When Ghost Meets Ghost

    William Frend De Morgan

  • These were happy days; I had nothing to do but to convalesce.

    Who Goes There?

    Blackwood Ketcham Benson

  • What would she say if told that the caller meant to wait right there until Mr. Baird should convalesce?

    Merton of the Movies

    Harry Leon Wilson

  • She began to convalesce slowly but surely, and one day she turned the nurses out of the room and sent for her Uncle Robert.

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(intr) to recover from illness, injury, or the aftereffects of a surgical operation, esp by resting

Word Origin for convalesce

C15: from Latin convalēscere, from com- (intensive) + valēscere to grow strong, from valēre to be strong
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Word Origin and History for convalesce

late 15c., from Latin convalescere "thrive, regain health," from com-, intensive prefix (see com-), + valescere "to begin to grow strong," inchoative of valere "to be strong" (see valiant). Only in Caxton and Scottish writers until 19c. Related: Convalesced; convalescing.

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convalesce in Medicine




To return to health and strength after illness; recuperate.
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