/ (kəʊˈɔːdɪnɪts, -ˌneɪts) /

pl n
  1. clothes of matching or harmonious colours and design, suitable for wearing together: Compare separates

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How to use coordinates in a sentence

  • He put his hand on the plate and waited for the guide coordinates to be set.

    The Judas Valley | Gerald Vance
  • Picking up a tiny mass like this was a delicate job, even when you knew its coordinates.

    Greylorn | John Keith Laumer
  • He checked the coordinates of the small green star three times before passing them along to Vorongil.

    The Colors of Space | Marion Zimmer Bradley
  • Artillerymen had guns ready to fire upon it if they ever got firing coordinates and permission to go into action.

    Operation Terror | William Fitzgerald Jenkins
  • Let h be the head, and x, y the coordinates of a point A on the parabolic path of the jet.

Cultural definitions for coordinates


A set of numbers, or a single number, that locates a point on a line, on a plane, or in space. If the point is known to be on a given line, only one number is needed to locate it. If the point is known to be on a given plane, two numbers are needed. If the point is known to be located in space, three numbers are needed.

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