a person who counsels; adviser.
a faculty member who advises students on personal and academic problems, career choices, and the like.
an assistant at a children's camp, often a high-school or college student, who supervises a group of children or directs a particular activity, as nature study or a sport.
a lawyer, especially a trial lawyer; counselor-at-law.
an official of an embassy or legation who ranks below an ambassador or minister.

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Also especially British, coun·sel·lor.

Origin of counselor

1175–1225; Middle English counseiler < Anglo-French cunseiler, cunseiliour, Old French conseilleor. See counsel, -eur, -er2, -or2

Related formscoun·se·lor·ship; especially British, coun·sel·lor·ship, nounpre·coun·sel·lor, noun

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see counsellor.

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